• Michele Tonci Ottieri – Athens 1956

    Graduated in architecture from Rome University “ La Sapienza” in 1981after a period of study in various European countries.  After his graduation he moved to the U.S. to pursue his career as a free-lance architect. His activity in the U.S. includes the Ramsen Residence, Trump Tower, 51st floor. New York City.  In 1985 he opens in Rome the ADOC s.r.l. (a service society for architects) and in 1987 he establishes an office in Luxembourg.

    In 2001, he creates the MTO & Ass, with the landscape architect Lorenza Bartolazzi. The assignments, both national and international, consolidate his professional experience through the realization of numerous villas in France, Spain, Greece, Belgium and Turkey, as well as Italy and Luxembourg.

    MTO & Ass Projects include those carried out in the historical centre of Rome (Palazzo Sforza; Palazzo Borghese; Palazzo Massimo Lancellotti in piazza Navona, Rome) and in Luxembourg (the ancient Grund).  His work has demonstrated his skills and ability to adapt his projects to all types of space from a residential apartment of few  square metres (Bonsai rue de Verneuil, Paris) to the design of an area of one hundred thousand square metres (Poligono Ingruisa, Port of Sagunto Spain). Other works included those of artists’ homes (Alighiero Boetti’s Home) and banking institutions (Banco di Napoli International; IBL; Banca Sella Group ,Luxembourg).


    Significant projects also include a house structured for a disable person (Dr. Braun Home in Luxembourg) and the seven storey building, partly excavated from stone (Manfredi’s house, Grund, Luxemburg). These projects well represent the area of interest and the professional skills of Michele Tonci Ottieri. Along with constant research and a fully developed experience in the field of domestic and private architecture, MTO & Ass has also competed for and successfully won international awards (Belgium Academy of Rome).

  • Lorenza Bartolazzi – 1969


    After an internship in New York and a period of studies in Paris (Erasmus Programme) she graduated in Architecture in Rome ( “La Sapienza” University). As a landscape architect, she has collaborated with the Zagari Associati studio for seven years, taking part in several projects and competitions which have achieved national and international awards and recognitions. Among these projects: Piazza Montecitorio in Rome, Villa Lante al Gianicolo also in Rome, and the Competition for  the Esplanade in Trieste. After that, together with Michele Tonci, she founded the MTO & Ass., a firm which is involved in a series of projects ranging from landscaping to architecture and design. With MTO & Ass. their first collaboration was in the renovation of the Gardens of the Belgian Academy in Rome then  in several landscape designs, private gardens, in Rome, Tuscany, Sicily, Lanzarote, and landscaping competition. She has been collaborating with the Quasar University Institute as a teacher in the field of landscaping since 2011.

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    Lorenzo Cardi, Giulio Pietromarchi, Luca Catalano Gonzaga, Sara Ciminelli, Adriano Milia, Sara Giovanetti, Lorenza Bartolazzi, Miki Tonci, Valentina Bacchetti, George Clasen

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